Cherokee Beaded Eagle Moccasins Leather Hand-Made by artist Judy Shaner ALL SIZES

This pair of Cherokee Beaded Moccasins is highly collectible and a true work of art. They were masterfully hand-crafted out of genuine soft moosehide leather that is lifetime commercially tanned. Plus, they have genuine moosehide leather fringe around the rim and for the laces. Each moccasin has been intricately hand-stitched and features an incredible display of seed bead work with overlay stitch, which is exacting and difficult. The seed beads offer a Native American design of crosses, an eagle head in bright colors and a red-white-and-blue banner. They have each been beautifully and skillfully sewn by hand. These Cherokee moccasins are a true one-of-a-kind pair We are taking orders on these moccasins, so if you send us your shoe size we can have a pair made by this artist to perfectly fit you. You may leave the size you need in the 'comment box' as you check out. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery on these custom orders.

Judy Shaner - Beadwork and Leather Tooling Artist
Judy grew up in Alaska living off the land with her large family. She didn't own a pair of store-bought shoes until the age of 19. The family made their own clothing and shoes, hunted and lived off the wild land of beautiful Alaska.

Judy is Native American Cherokee and Dutch. She is presently living in Everett, Pennsylvania. She is over sixty years young and enjoys beadwork and leather tooling. Her large Macaw birds are her constant companions while she works at her crafts.
In her own words regarding her leather tooling..."All my western-tooled leather items are hand-made originals by me - cut, tooled, laced and finished by hand on vegetable-tanned leather. Each and every piece is one-of-a-kind, the same as the beadwork items I make. No patterns for anything."

Judy's beadwork is a work of beauty. When she makes a pair of beaded moccasins they are nearly perfect! She is an artistic perfectionist; her beaded pouches and gauntlets are a work of art. She strives to keep the flame of her Native culture alive in her work, and one can sense her close kinship to her Cherokee ancestry.

We understand the true value and nature of hand crafted Indian art. And, we recognize it's important to know that the artist is truly a member of a Native American tribe. So, to ensure you that this is the real deal, a Certificate of Authenticity has been included with this item.


Cherokee Beaded Eagle Moccasins Leather
Hand-Made by artist Judy Shaner ANY SIZE 0125-BW0 $600.00



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