Museum Quality Clint Eastwood Leather Movie Hat Reproduction With Hat Band $89.00
Handcrafted leather western hat reproduction like the leather hat used in Clint Eastwood Western movies!
Comes with an authentic leather hatband just like the hat band Clint Eastwood wore in his Westerns!
Soft leather with a wire in the brim so you can shape it easily. You can wear this hat with a straight brim or use the wire
in the hat to shape it the way you want to. Top quality soft leather and handcrafted. Comes in sizes of Sm, Md, Lg And XL.



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Do You Have Questions About Cowboy Hats?

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Know About Cowboy Hats But Didn't Know Who To Ask!

You'll Learn About Different Hat Brims And Crowns. Parts Of A Cowboy Hat. How To Care For Your Hat.
What All Those Xs Mean. Cowboy Hat Rules That You Should Know About. Interchangeable Hat Bands.
How You Can Customize Your Cowboy Hat. Important Cowboy Hat Fitting And Adjustments That Can
Be Made. Cowboy Hat Styles, The History Of The Cowboy Hat And Much More!

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Old West Cowboy And Indian
Museum Quality Replica Wear

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