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Tribal Impressions Eagle Dancer Wings

Eagle Dancer Spead Wings Headdress From Tribal And Western Impressions -

Eagle Dancer Spead Wings Headdress
One Size Fits All - Will Work For Adults And Children

These handmade stunning Eagle Dancer wings consists of spread eagle arm feathers with ties for your arms and a matching handmade Eagle head cap with eagle face and beak. Handcrafted from imitation eagle feathers and leather. The arm eagle feather spread consists of white and black contracting feathers with adjustable Velcro loops on the end for your hands and ties that keep the spread eagle arm feathers in place with movement and dancing. The spread eagle headdress is designed so one size fits all.

Eagle Dancer Outfit-Tribal Impressions-

Eagle Dancer Spead Wings Headdress From Tribal And Western Impressions -

Video Of Hopi Eagle Dancer

Eagle Dancer Spread Wings (Non-Indian Made)
One Side Fits All - Will Work For Adults And Children $295.00



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We Can Also Ship World-Wide
Export UPS Air Shipping Starts At About 65.00 Depending On Where You Are At.

Headdresses And War Bonnets From Tribal Impressions-

War Bonnets And Headdresses- Click Here To Review The Collection Now!

Leather Plain, Fringed Bottom, Ruff Cut Bottom And Thunderbird Native American Breechcloths From Tribal And Western Impressions -

Handcrafted American Indian Breechcloths - Click Here To Review The Collection Now!

Buffalo Dancer Headdress From Tribal Impressions -

Buffalo Dancer And Horn Cap Head Gear - Click Here To Review The Collection Now

Native American Indian Denim Hand Embossed And  Embellished Shirts- Tribal Impressions-

Native American Indian Denim Hand Embossed And
Embellished Shirts- Click Here To Review Them

These sharp looking shirts are top quality denim shirts hand embellished colorful trim
and embossing. You will love them and they make a great statement!

Handcrafted Leather And Suede Fringed Jeans From Tribal Impressions-

Handmade Native Style Fringed Jeans In Rich Suedes And Leathers

Deerskin Fotskin Boot Moccasins From Tribal And Western Impressions-

Handmade In The USA- Deerskin Footskin Boot Moccasins - Men's
And Lady's Sizing- Click Here To Review The Collection Now

American Indian Shirts From Tribal Impressions-

Fancy Hand Made Indian Style Shirts You Will Love!
Click Here To Review An Extensive Line

Museum Quality Native American Oitfits from Tribal And Western Impressions -

Click Here To Create An Authentic- Looking Museum Quality Native American Outfit
War Shirts - Buffalo Dancer Headdresses - War Bonnets- Breechcloths - Bone Chokers - Breastplates - Horn Caps -
Turquoise Jewelry- Bear Claw Jewelry - Moccasins - Ribbon Shirts - Spirit Feathers - Hats - Headbands - Beaded jewelry


Tribal And Western Impressions- 817 S. Austin Ave., Georgetown, Texas - Where The Old West Lives On! -

Located In Historic Courthouse Square, Georgetown, Texas
817 S. Austin Ave. , Georgetown, TX 78626 , Phone: 512-864-2081
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