Museum Quality Long Ranger Gun Rig - Double Holster And Gun Belt Reproduction  From Tribal And Western Impressions -

Lone Ranger Museum Quality Double Holster Gun Belt Reproduction
Hand crafted from top grain leather with hand tooling and metal studs, this is a museum quality reproduction of the black gun rig used in movies and TV shows. It's a hairloom very finely detailed set you will be proud to own and wear in your reenactments! Note- While we always have a couple of these in stock, they are generally hand made to order in Mexico. Please allow 3/6 weeks for shipment.

Lone Ranger Museum Quality Double Holster Gun Belt Reproduction $389.00
Specify Sizing : 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50, 52

Lone Ranger Sliver Bullets Movie Prop $28.00
The Lone Ranger Rides Again! This Dummy Ammunition looks just like what the
Lone Ranger used, with a chrome finish. Set of 6 $28.00

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UPS insured ground shipping within the USA $22.00 for one item, $26.00 for two items, $28.00
for all items listed above. Insured UPS Shipping Outside The USA Starts at $68.00

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The Lone Ranger Outfit From Tribal And Western Impressions

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