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Please Note: America is rich in the history of the cowboy hat. However,
our store can not answer questions on hats that we do not sell nor can we do free
research for you on old hats. It’s also important to understand that many
famous people have custom hats made that are one of a kind. Our Phone
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Four Facts About Cowboy Hats In Texas You Likely Didn't Know
Here are four facts about cowboy hats you might not know. The first fact is, just like guns in Texas; there are more cowboy hats than there are people here. That's because most cowboy hat wearers have more than one hat and avid cowboy hat wearers have more than five. Really addicted cowboy hat wearers have more than ten hats and 20 boots. The second fact is one of the most often quoted sayings in Texas is, "where did you get that hat?" The second most quoted saying is, "Don't touch my hat!" Justin Moore, who just won country entertainer of the year; wrote a whole song about that. You don't mess with a person's cowboy hat without permission as it's a highly prized and personal thing. The third saying you hear a lot around the West is, "that's the ugliest hat I have ever seen!" The reason for this often quoted saying is that there are now thousands of different types, shapes and styles of cowboy hats and some will like some shapes but others will hate the same ones. Besidses the thousands of different types of cowboy hats, there are also tens of thousands of different hat bands to put on them. It's a highly individualized and personal thing.

Parts Of A Cowboy Hat From Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvilalgemall.com

Parts Of A Cowboy Hat
Cowboy or Western Hats, as you know them; are often defined with specifications by their parts. As you can see from the graphics above, the parts of a cowboy hat are the crown, the brim, the hat band the sweatband and the inside lining. The inside sweatband/liner is sewn onto the crown . This leaves exposed stitching on the outside of the hat where the brim and the crown meet. The hat band covers up the stitching. Over the years, the Western or cowboy hat has developed into a Western Fashion statement with an infinite variety of crown shapes, brim sharps and hat band styles. Today, you have a huge amount of choices when it comes to hat style, hat type and hat material.

What do the X’s mean on a Cowboy hat From Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

What Do The X’s Mean?
If you have not noticed, there is a wide varity of pricing when it comes to cowboy hats. They can range in price from under $20.00 for a cheap imported straw hat to several thousand dollars for a fine fur hat. Here is Texas, most cowboy hat wearers can spot what they call a cheap "fake" Western hat a block away and these hat wearers wouldn't be caught dead in one of those. The quality of the hat body used to make a hat is the main factor that determines the X’s. In felt it is determined by the percentage of furs used in making the hat body. Our hat collections are made with beaver, mink, chinchilla, buffalo and other animal fur to make bodies. The mixture of the furs that are used with felt determines the X’s. Various mixtures of animal fur and felt create the material that is used to make felt fur hats. In general, the greater the amount of animal fur mixed with the felt determines the X rating. In straw, the X’s are also determined by the body used to make the hat. The tighter the weave and narrower the straw reed used to make the hat, the better X quality is marked in the hat. Stetson, the first cowboy hat company; is the original X rating. Over the years, there have been other hat companies that have copied the original concept of Stetson hats and (you guessed it) they sometimes use different standards in rating. It's therefore important to buy a reputable brand name hat from a reputable hat retailer because of this. While most people who know cowboy hats can certainly tell the difference, you want to make sure that the Xs you pay for are the Xs you get! That's why we do not sell cheap off brand hats. Stetsons, Resistol, Charlie 1 Horse, Bullhide and Twister Hats all mark their products with official X ratings that are reliable. Other hat companies, we can not comment on since we don't know them but we can say we have seen what we consider a 6X hat marked as a 20X hat and so on. The Internet is riddled with fly-by-night operations that import cheap cowboy hats from China and then try to pawn those cheap hats off as rather expensive cowboy hats. If it was me, I'd stay away from the "Internet only" hat sellers who do not have a real brick and mortar store because of this who are always offering what appears to be too- good - to - be true deals on products until you actually get them in your hands. Quality cowboy hat making is one of the last vestiges of Made In America products and quality Stetson, Resistol and Charlie 1 Horse hats are all made in the good old USA. Bullhide hats are made in South America. Texans are very picky and tend to only want a cowboy hat that's not only made in the USA but made in Texas. Both Resistol and Stetson hats are made in the lonestar state. There are also some smaller hat companies that make very very fine cowboy hats which are very good hats you'll be proud to wear.

John B. Stetson's Original Creases: Above is a vintage hand-out of the original five creases by the inventor of the cowboy hat, John B. Stetson. The overwhelming majority of hats were first shipped as open crowns and it was the hat shops that created the creases and bend designs in them. You can thank John F. Kennedy for changing the fashion trend in America of hats as something necessary to something optional in the early 1960's. Prior to that, almost everyone wore a hat. Here is a description of the original five "Stetson" creases.

1) The Montana Crease: Back when people traveled less from place to place, regions of the country developed a hat crease unique to their own local land , much like an accent. The Gus, also known as the Montana crease or Montana slope, was created on a Montana ranch and adopted by other Montana cowboys.

2) The Cattleman Crease: The hat crease most people identify today is the Cattleman. It was worn by cattle buyers originally. It meant you ran a ranch and probably had a lot of money. That fact is likely why fine cattleman hats today are like a status symbol. The Cattleman compliments a wider face and squarer jaw and is was once worn mostly by men. That has changed and now many girls also like to wear a Cattleman crease.

3) The Pinch Front Crease: Women learn toward a Pinch Front Crease as it accentuates the narrower jaw line and can make the face look thinner. However, it's important to not that today, both pinch front creases and Cattleman Creases are worn by both men and women.

4) The Telescope Crease: The Telescope crease came from the "charros" (Mexican cowboys) who came to Nevada from Mexico and South America for work. The low crown covers your head but stops hot air from accumulating and its wide brim provides sun protection. The Telescope Crease is often known today as The Gambler's Hat.

5) The Tom Mix Crease: Hollywood has helped dictate the popularity of some styles, like the Gus (originally called the Montana crease) made famous by Robert Duvall in Lonesome Dove. Fame can even earn a custom crease style named after you. Such is the case with Tom Mix. Tom Mix was one of the first movie cowboy stars in America and often carried with him a half a dozen or a dozen Stetson Hats he gave away to important people as he traveled around the world.

As the cowboy hat developed as a fashion statement, there were more styles that became popular. Below is a picture of different modern day cowboy hats with different creases.

Crown Styles Of Cowboy Hats From tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvilalgemall.com

Types Of Crowns Of The Cowboy Or Western Hat
While the types of crown designs and shapes of the Western hat is almost infinite, over time there has become some standards. The cattleman crown is likely the most popular type of crown today. The brick crown has now become popular again due to the hat worn on the TV show Longmire. The Gambler crown is a round flat crown. The Pinched front crown usually has a v sharp to it with two pinched fronts. Although many people do not consider the Derby type hat a Western hat, it was worn by people like Bat Masterson and Doc Holiday and is actually an authentic Old West hat. The Gus hat was a popular cowboy hat among real cowboys and is popular again as it was what Robert Duvall wore in Lonesome Dove. The flat and round Amish style hat is popular again today because of the Wyatt Earp movie. The Tom Mix hat is actually a Gus style hat that is modified and bigger. It is sometimes referred to as The Ten Gallon hat which never held ten gallons worth of water. The Open Crown brim is a popular hat in and of itself and was worn by Tommy Lee Jones in Lonesome Dove. It is often shipped as it appears to hat stores who then can steam the hat to get the custom shape the hat client wishes. The type of hat worn in the West is a sort of personal choice but sometimes those choices are based on function. Cowboys who worked on the ranches often preferred wide brim hats such as The Cattleman, The Gus, the Tom Mix style of hat and/or the Open Crown. City slickers, gamblers and gun fighters often preferred the Gambler style hat and the Amish style hat. Store keepers often wore a Derby hat.

Customization Of Cowboy Hats: Most fine hat shops can custom steam your hat to make it look good on your head! This is an important part of cowboy hat wearing and selection. Just because the brim is a little too curved or not curved enough, that can be changed through the hat steaming process. The same goes for the overall shap of the hat and the front and back bends of the hat. Good hat steamers can put end curles on a hat brim as well as a pencil roll.

Wyatt Earp Tombstone 6 X Beaver Fur Blend Stetson Hat From Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

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Brim Styles Of Cowboy Hats From Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvilalgemall.com

Types Of Brims Of The Cowboy Or Western Hat
Just like the almost infinite shapes and designs of the crown of the cowboy hat, there is also an infinite number of shapes, sizes and styles of the cowboy hat brim. Even your highly popular Cattleman crease hat has a number of different lengths and bends. Some cowboy hats have a bound edge with protection around the outer edge of the brim which provides some protection. You often see these at rodeos and they are often called rodeo hats. Cowboy hats almost always fall off of bull and bronco riders and this edge trim protects the edging of the western hat. Other Cowboy hats have edge curls and turn-ups which are often done by hat shops and found on more expensive hats. Other cowboy hats are designed with a wire inside the edge of the brim so the hat owner can create their own brim bends. Bullhide Hats and Charlie 1 Horse hats are famous for the fancy art work they do in hat brims and these have become highly popular in Western fashion with both male and female hat wearers. The very small hat brim found on Stetson's Open Road hat as pictured above was made famous be President Lyndon Johnson. The Cowhide hat brim is another hat brim that has been made famous by Charlie 1 Horse Hats. There are many straw hats that have very wide hat brims that are designed to provide a great deal of shade for the hat wearer. If you look at the photo of the first upper left hand hat, this Stetson hat, called The Marshall has a large front dip in the brim and has been made famous by the TV program Justified and worn by Marshall Givens. Flat brim hats have also become popular again likely due to the hats worn by Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad And The Ugly and other Spaghetti Western movies as well as the Wyatt Earp movie.

World Renowned Western Entertainer Eddie Montgomery Wearing The Famous Charlie 1 Horse Tattoos And Scars Hat- From Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

World Renowned Western Entertainer Eddie Montgomery Wearing The Famous Charlie 1 Horse Tattoos And Scars Hat
Note The Pencil Roll Brim Edging And The Famous Fire Branded Horseshoe Placed On Most Charlie 1 Horse Hats
You Can Click Here To Review This Tattoos And Scars Hat Or Click Here To Review The Complete Charlie 1 Horse Brand.

Some brims have edge lacing on more fancy and expensive hats. A lot of people associate the lacing around the brim edge as something found on toy cowboy hats but that is not the case at all. Those who do this likely associate that with the kid's cowboy hat they had when they where a child. It's important to note once again that cowboy hats have become a high Western fashion statement. Some like very fancy Western hats and some like the more traditional less flamboyant ones.

Charlie 1 Horse Grit Hat From Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

Note The Edge Lacing And Calfhide Brim On The Charlie 1 Horse Grit Hat. Also Note The Hat Band Which Is
Silver Stars On A Leather Band With A Matching Braided String Below That Star Conchos. Most Charlie 1 Horse Hats
Also Have The Wold Famous Fire Branded Horseshoe On It's Brim. You Can Click Here To Review The Grit Hat Or
Click Here To Review The Complete Line Of Charlie 1 Horse Hats.

Rodeo King 3X Old West Ten Gallon Hat - Two Colors- From Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

Old West Rodeo King 3X Ten Gallon Gus Hat - Two Colors - Click Here To Review Them Now

The story behind the heritage Of Stetson And John B. Stetson as Stetson celebrates their 150th anniversary in 2015

Hat Brim bends, like the brims themselves; also come in many different shapes and bends. Like most everything else, different hat companies standardize them in different ways. The fact is, a good hat store can custom shape your hat any way you wish but there are standards.

Stetson Hat Brim Bends - Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

Stetson has standardized it's Brim Bends with their new custom hat shaping latches. You will note from the graphics above, they have defined five different brim bends and shapes. They are The All Around, The Pro, The Rodeo, The winner and the boss. Hat shops around the county are now getting these hat latches so they can custom bend your hat the way you like it.

Brim Bends from W. Alboum Hat Company And Rodeo King Hats from Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

W. Alboum Hat Company, who has been hand making Western hats since 1921, has standardized brim bend styles in their Rodeo King brand of cowboy hats. Rodeo King hats are offered in Bullrider Brims, The Pro Brim Style and the Rodeo Brim Style on your typical Cattleman hat. You can review Rodeo King hats by clicking here.

The point about that is, there is just the hat out there to fit your taste and style. Just like Crowns are a personal choice of the hat buyer, brims are also. In the old West, city slickers tended to go for smaller hat brims while those who worked on ranches tended to want larger hat brims. As you go South and the sun gets hotter, the brims tend to get bigger. Go all the way into Mexico, and you will find huge hat brims for protection from the sun.

Who Wears Stetson Hats? U.S. Presidents! Above In Ronald Reagen, Lyndon Johnson, George W. Bush And Calvin Coolidge

How do I clean & take care of my hat?
General cleaning: To remove dust or surface dirt from your hat: - if you purchased a straw simply wipe with a clean damp cloth. –If a fur felt was purchased, use a soft brush, starting at the left side of the hat, and brush it counterclockwise toward the back and around again.

If your hat gets wet, simply shake off the excess water. If it’s a fur felt, you need to turn down the “self-conforming” leather sweatband and stand the hat on the sweatband so it can dry naturally. While the hat is wet, don’t rest the hat on its brim as this could cause it to lose its shape.

Avoid exposing your hat to heat from stoves, radiators, lamps and car windows. The combination of heat and perspiration will shrink the sweatband.

To keep perspiration and hair dressing from penetrating to the outside of the straw, occasionally turn down the sweatband so it can dry between wearings.

Should your fur felt (if it is a light color) become spotted with water or grease, you can clean it with a little baby talc or cornstarch – no liquid cleaners, please!

Who Wears Stetson Hats? Cowboys And The Famous Stars Who Play Them!

To put on or remove your hat, hold the brim in front and back; handle the crown as little as possible.

Store your hat upside down, on its crown, on a clean surface or in a box. Do not store it right side up on a flat surface, as this can cause the brim to flatten.

When riding in a car or truck either as a passenger or driver, hat wearers sometimes have a problem with the back of their hat hitting the headrest in the car seat and bending the back of their hat. This can be straighted out by steaming the brim. Sometimes, over an extended period of time, the felt and fur gets too soft from so much bending. There is a spray you can get to stiffen up the hat brim again.

A good Cowboy hat can last you a life time if you take care of it. It's not uncommon for Cowboys in their sixties and seventies to still have a good Western Hat that they purchased in the 20's and 30's. However, proper care and storage is important on fine Western hats and no hat is going to last if it is not taken care of. Don't expect cheap hats to last a long time as they are just not quality made and designed in a way for decades of wearing.

Tribal And Western Impressions Maintains A Line Of Quality Hat Care Products- Click Here To Review Them Now.

Western Cwoboy And Cowgirl Hat Care Products from Tribal And Western Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

Hat Care Products From Tribal And Western Impressions - Click Here To Review The Extensive Collection

Fur and felt hats tend to attract dust and lint so it's a good idea to own a few hat sponges and brushes. Hat sponges are special sponges used to whip off and clean the dust, lint and hair that will get on hats. It's highly important for you to note that you do not want to use a brush and/or a hat sponge from a black or darker hat on one that is a lighter color as well as the other way around. If you have both a dark cowboy hat and a light cowboy hat, you will want too sponges and two brushes. You can also obtain spot remover for light hats and spot remover for dark hats. Make sure you do not use the wrong one on the wrong hat. Your going to want and your going to use these products if you are a hat wearer trust me! Nothing can be more alarming than to pay a lot of money for a fine hat only to have a spot appear on it after eating in a restaurant. This can happen very easily! Sometimes even a few days of a hat remaining on a nice hat rack will show a lot of dust so your going to want a good hat sponge and brush.

How much water does a 10-gallon hat hold?
3 quarts

How do I figure out what size I wear?
To figure out what size you wear. You will need to find a cloth measuring tape. Measure the circumference of your head at the place where you would wear a hat. Take the measurement in inches and follow the chart below. If you are in between two sizes, choose the bigger size. You can always pad a hat smaller.

Can The Size Of A Hat Be Adjusted?
The sizing of a hat can be adjusted in several ways. There are hat stretchers that will let you expand the hat a little. It's wise to remove that hat band in order to use the hat stretcher. If you do not, you take the risk of snapping the hat band. You can also insert a thicker sweatband or add padding inside the hat band to make the hat fit snugger. Most hat sellers have what is called reducing tape which is a foam type tape that can go around the inside of the sweatband inside the hat which makes the hat a little smaller.

A Little History Of The Cowboy Hat

Prior to about 1865, people in the West wore just about any hat to protect their head. There was no such thing as a cowboy hat or Western hat as we know it today.

In the early 1860's, John B. Stetson had been invited on a trip to Colorado to go up into the mountains when he used his hat making skills to create a wide brim hat for his trip. It was so popular, everyone on the trip wanted one. In 1865, with $100, John B. Stetson rented a small room, bought the tools he needed, bought $10 worth of fur and the John B. Stetson Hat Company was born. A year later the "Hat of the West" or the now famous "Boss of the Plains" hat was born and the name Stetson was on its way to becoming the mark of quality, durability, innovation and beauty.

Stetson Hats today is known as the world leader in cowboy hats. Over the years, hat styles have changed a lot but a great deal has remained the same. Tribal And Western Impressions is proud to present an extensive selection of Stetson Hats, Resistol Hats, Bulhide Montecarlo Hats, Minnetonka leather hats, Charlie 1 Horse Hats, Twister Hats and a variety of other brands of hats.

Can I Customize My Hat?
On fur, wool and buffalo hats, the hat can be steamed to sharp it the way you want it to look! On many of our leather hats and Bullhide hats, the brim in the hat has a wire which permits you to shape it the way you want it to look.

Extensive High Grade Western Hat Band Collection from Tribal And Western Impressions - www.indianvillagemall.com

Cowboy Hat Bands
On most hats, you can also customize your hat by adding a different or unique hat band to it. Many hat wearers have a couple of hats and many different hat bands they can interchange with their hats. Tribal And Western Impressions offers a wide assortment of hat bands. To review different hat bands, click here to review them. I had a hat expert tell me one time that, "most people buy a hat because they like the hat band." That might be true but this idea of having a hat with just one hat band can get old and boring. Avid hat wearers will tell you that they like to interchange hat bands and do it often. If a hat band "makes that hat" as the saying goes, several hat bands is much like having more than one hat.

What are Cowboy Hats Made From?
Cowboy hats can be made from almost any material. A mixture of animal fur such as beaver, rabbit and buffalo and felt are used on fine hats. There are also very fine straw hats that can sometimes cost more than a fur felt hat. Remember that the X's on the hat often indicate how much animal fur is mixed with the felt. The higher the Xs, the greater the percentage of animal fur. Wool hats have become popular because the hat is made in a way so the hat can be folded and packed. These are often called Crushable Hats. Leather a nd Suede Hats have also become a popular materials to make hats with. A Buffalo fur and felt mixture that holds up better and last longer has been developed by Stetson Hats that has become highly popular and we urge you to explore the Stetson Buffalo Fur Western Hat Collection.

Cowboy hat making is one of the last vestiges of hand made products in the United States. While some very good cowboy hats are made in Mexico and South America, Stetson And Resistol Hats are still made in America. Above, you can watch a video on how Stetson Hats are made.

Stampede Cowboy Hat Strings From Tribal And Western Impressions -www.indianvillagemall.com

How Do Horse Riders Keep Their Hat On All The Time
They do that with what is called a Stampede String. Stampede Strings will attach to any cowboy hat by inserting the top pin on each upper part of the Stampede String on the bottom portion of the Brim and then bending each end of the stampede string back. You can either place the pin through the area where the Brim and Crown meet and cover up the pin with your hat band or attach it inside the hat on the inside of the sweatband. The string comes down around the chin and has an adjustable slide that holds both ends of the string together so you can pull it up tight around your chin. Stampede Strings can get very fancy and are often made out of leather or horse hair. You can click here to review an in-depth selection of stampede strings to add to your hat.

How Should I Store My Cowboy Hat When Not Wearing it?
If you purchased a fairly good hat with a lot of X's on it in Fur felt, it likely came in a hat box. You can use that to store your hat in for long terms. We also recommend you keep the plastic bag your hat came in and place it back in the bag and then in the hat box. Store in a cool dry place such as the top shelf of your closet. On a really expensive hat, you likely got a free hat carrying case. This is a good place to store it for long term storage. If you wear your cowboy hat almost every day, you can keep it stored on a hat rack. You can find several types of hat racks by clicking here. We highly recommend the Ultimate Hat Hanger which is designed so you can hang your hat about anywhere. The Ultimate Hat Hanger can be used in your home, or in your car or in your RV. it is not good to set your hat down with the hat brim facing down as it could ruin the shape of the brim over time. I know people who keep an extra Ultimate Hate Hanger in their car which can then be used to take into a restaurant that does not have any hat hangers. You will find eating a formal meal will sometimes require you to remove your hat and you will need something to safely hang it on!

Ultimate Cowboy Hat Hanger  from Tribal And Western Impressions- Will Let You Hang Your Hat About Anywhere - www.indianvillagemall.com

Cowboy Hat Hanger! Hangs Your Cowboy Hat To Almost Anything! - Click Here To Review Them Now!

Western Cowboy Hat Wall Hangers From Tribal And Western Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

Wall Mounted Cowboy Hat Hangers - Click Here To Review Them Now!

Entertainers and actors generally have very special hats they wear and they tend to be on the upper end of the hat food chain. That is, they are high quality very fine and expensive hats. A lot of traveling is involved and more than one hat is often used. Therefore, they not only need something to store them them, they need something they can travel in. Hat Cans are designed just for that. Hat Cans are like special suite cases just for cowboy hats. Below is a photo of some hat cans. They come in double hat cans and single hat cans which are stackable. You will find hat can selections under our hat care products and can click here to review them now.

Some Cowboy Hat Wearing Rules!
You never want to make a mistake and wear your cowboy hat backwards! Besides the fact you will look like a fool, it's not good luck. Stetson Hats and most good Cowboy hats have a small bow tie in the inside Crown towards the back of the hat that will tell you when you are about to put on that this goes towards the back of your head. Many Cowboys state that a fur felt or wool hat is worn during the winter and colder months and a straw hat in the summer time but this rule has gone out of date due to fashion. However, some cowboys still follow it. Some say any time you enter a building, you take your cowboy hat off. This rule is no longer followed like it once was. At a dinner table many say you should take your hat off. This rule too is not always followed as many modern restaurants have no place to hang a hat and the last thing you want to do it place your $800.00 Stetson hat on the floor to get dirt and food on it. Some say if it's not formal you can keep your hat on and if you are at a counter you can keep your hat on. Most remove their hat in the presence of a lady, at church and at funerals out of respect. Cowboy hat wearers often touch their hand to the brim of their hat in a greeting. Never touch someone else's cowboy hat, on or off without their permission! In the old west days, you might get shot.

Cowboy and Western hats have become status symbols. Most Texans and Westerners who are fine hat wearers can spot a cheap hat a block or more away! Remember that in Texas, one of the most often quoted questions is "where did you get that hat?" This question could have several meanings from the person asking. It if often asked when one really admires the hat on the head of the person the question is directed too. It is sometimes used on a wanta-be cowboy who just purchased a really cheap hat which stands out like a sore thumb to those who know them. It is also sometimes asked as the asker simply doesn't like the hat but that is an individual and personal thing.

Now that you too have become somewhat of an expert on cowboy hats, below is the famous Tribal And Western Impressions hat selections. We will start out with two short videos from our personal picks cowboy hats for men and our personal picks cowgirl hats for the ladies.

Watch A Video On Men's Personal Picks Cowboy Hats
Watch A Video On Ladie's Personal Picks Cowgirl Hats
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