Stephan Galfas-The Man In The Magic
By Ralph Thomas

It only happens maybe a few times in a person’s lifetime but every once in a while, a power from above brings two people together with an instant bonding. That happened to me this last year when I first had the opportunity to speak with a man they call SG (for short) by the name of Stephan Galfas. Stephan Galfas is CEO of International Talent Organization, Inc. and Miss Molly Records which is distributed by SONY RED / BDG. I had called Miss Molly Records to order more Jana Mashonee CDs and Galfas just happened to answer the phone that day. When I got off the phone, I felt like I had made one of those instant great friends you only run across just a few times in an entire lifetime. To tell you the truth, at the time; I wasn’t sure who he was.

Come to find out, Mr. Galfas is a highly talented producer, composer, songwriter, musician, director and who knows what else. He has worked with and managed many mega stars in the entertainment industry including Cher, The Allman Brothers Band, Meat Loaf, Stryper,Saxon, Dr. Sin, Kool and the Gang, Savatage, Intergalactic Touring Band, ELO Part II, Pezband, Good Rats and of course, Jana Mashonee. Galfas’s organization and production company manages many entertainment groups and artists including GRAMMY nominee and 8 time Native American Music Award (NAMMY) winner Jana Mashonee.. This year, he co-authored a book titled American Indian Story –The Adventures Of Sha’kona with Ms. Mashonee. When you start looking at all the things he does, you just wonder where in the world he finds the time to get it all done.

Jana Mashonee During Live Performance - Photo By Darryl Cox

He has come to be known as the man in the magic, the person quietly behind the rising international star Jana Mashonee. I would go as far as to call him Elvis on the Backend. Although Stephan often plays gigs with Jana on guitar, he is always in the background and always wanting the talent of Jana to shine. The two have been at it now for over ten years. They no doubt have gotten tired of the behind the scenes shenanigans that go on almost every day in the music business. It’s a tuff business to be in, especially with all the mega shifts and changes going on with music. You get lied to, get used, are given promises that never happen and it seems like everybody and their uncle is trying to take a piece of you for their own self interest. Stephan never told me this directly but I think he along with Jana Mashonee herself got sort of fed up with the dinosaurs in the music and entertainment industry and were determined to forge ahead in a world that was changing and changing fast. Jana’s rising stardom got caught in this massive mega shift between the analog age and the digital age in which the overwhelming majority of music is now being marketed and delivered over the internet. Jana is already known as the top recording artist in the Native American music market but this nitch market is small compared to the music market in general and it’s difficult to say the least to do the type of things that this talented team has a vision to do in such a limited market place.

Along with Jana Mashonee, Stephan helped create their own record label, Miss Molly Records, and helped develop a strategy to bring forth the super talent of Jana from the ground up. Using the Internet’s social media plateforms such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space And Reverbnation - The Jana Mashonee Music Magic focuses on personal contact with fans and digital downloads through the Jana Mashonee web site. The team are like pioneers in the music business forging ahead where no artist has gone before. They are building a following the old fashioned way, one fan at a time. The one fan at a time ground swell seems to be turning into an earthquake. The magic of Jana Mashonee and Stephan Galfas is starting to explode in the mainsteam music market with the release of Jana's new CD titled New Moon Born.

Forging ahead in the digital music world, in 2010, Stephan and Jana made music and Native American history by placing Jana’s CDs in Walmart stores which makes her the first Native American artist to be carried in this mega-super store.

These are just a few of the man in the magic’s accomplishements in the last few years because there's too many to include:

2006 NAMMY - Best Pop Recording Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) "American Indian Story"

2006 NAMMY - Best Pop Recording Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS) "American Indian Story"

GRAMMY Nominee, 2006 - Best Native American Music Album

2007 Best Domestic Music Video: "The Enlightened Time" Queens International Film Festival

2008 NAMMY - Best Producer - "American Indian Story" by Jana Mashonee

2009 - Producer / Director - Best Music Video - "A Change is Gonna Come" - American Indian Film Festival, San Francisco Producer / Director - Best Music Video - "The Enlightened Time" - 12th Annual Native American Indian Film and Video Awards, South Carolina

The man in the magic was Director, producer and editor of the video for Jana's The Enlightened Time, winner of Best Domestic Music Video at the 2007 Queens International Film Festival.

Enlighten Times from Jana's American Indian Story CD
To Watch This On You Tube, Click Here

The Making Of The Enlightened Time
To Watch This On You Tube, Click Here

A Change Is Gonna Come Go
GRAMMY nominated singer Jana Mashonee featuring Juno award winning guitarist Derek Miller
To Watch This On You Tube, Click Here

Stephan Galfas During A Live Jana Mashonee Performance On Guitar
Photo By Darryl Cox

Aside from all of these accomplishments, Stephan is the man in the magic when it comes to all of Jana Mashonee’s CD’s as he is the one that can mix them and produce them into their final magical form. The only way to describe that is musical talent on a genius level. I know him! He’s known to sort of disappear for days and weeks at a time. I know what he is going through and understand. He mixes music and edits videos just like that fan base, one unit at a time. The music mixing is done one note at a time , the videos come to completion one frame at a time and the book American Indian Story was word crafted one word at a time. All of it involves many takes. Time consuming work to say the least! The final end product though is total perfection.

To date they have released:
Flash Of A Firefly -CD
American Indian Christmas –CD
American Indian Story -CD
New Moon Born- CD

American Indian Story - The Adventures of Sha'kona -The Book

You can review the CDs and listen to samples from them off of the Jana Mashonee web site. Just go to:

It you talk to the fans of Jana Mashonee's music, you find a common thread that runs though the crowd. They speak of her music in terms that goes beyond mere mortals and there is something that raises up within a persons soul. It’s not just music that they listen to and it’s not just a reaction you see from them that says they merely like the music. A lot of fans describe the music as something that comes from a power above. It’s something that effects their enter soul and that effect is starting to reach the masses. Jana Mashonee has a message. The message is totally a positive one and totally loving one in a world that is full of negative influences and hate.

The music Of Jana And Stephan seems to bring together people of all walks of life. After all we are all humans, all breathe the same air, all have the same hopes and desires for our children and are all mortal. The magic in their music seems to cross a cultural divide that everyone as human beings understand and need.

Stephan Galfas On Stage During A Jana Mashonee Performance. Always In The Background. Photo By Darryl Cox

Note: You Can Listen To An Interview With Stephan Galfas
On Blog Talk Radio On The Cubanarama Show By Clicking Here.
This rare interview with Mr. Galfas gives you an insight into
the spirit and the music genius of this man! This Is A Two Hour
Interview With Stephan Galfas And It Rocks!

It’s an understatement to say that in the last decade or so music and music videos have had a sort of intellectual laziness to them and I think that goes along with the music and movie making business in general these days. With little exception, it seems that there has been very little innovation and everything seems to be based on an over the top gimmick. While there are some very talented people in the field, it seems to be overwhelmingly filled with an over crowded field of medericocy with yet another gimmick. The Jana Mashonee music magic is a whole lot different. It mixes raw talent with both truth and passion which shines through to the final product. That is quite evident when you listen to the fans and followers who talk about her music and her videos like no one has talked about anybody else for a very long time. It will be quite evident when you listen to the music yourself and even more so when see a performance in person.

The raw talent and shear perfection that shines through in this team's end product and shows is only half the stuff that their magic is made of. You can tell it's not just about making money. A few years ago Ms. Mashonee decided that she wanted to do a Christmas CD. She could of easily spent a few days in a recording studio and quickly produced another hit CD with her amazing voice. But oh no not Jana! I mean artists who love what they do tend to give an extra mile. Jana decided she wanted to do a Christmas CD with ten traditional Christmas songs on it all in different Native American languages. It was a great idea but Jana Mashonee only knew the Lumbee language which is the American Indian Tribe she is from. She had to learn the other nine. Instead of a few days in the recording studio to walk out with a Christmas CD this CD took over a year to produce. During that time, Jana worked with Elders from each Tribe to learn the words to the songs in their language. After production, Galfas had to pour over the mixing of the final product going over every piece of the tracks note by note. The end result is one of the most amazing Christmas CDs that has ever been produced. When the vocals of Jana Mashonee fill the air on this CD you will not understand one word of the songs she sings in ten different Native languages with your brain but your heart and your soul understands all of it! It becomes like magic. NAIStv is now featuring tracks from some of those songs!

Sample Tracks From Jana Mashonee's American Indian Christmas CD
Now running On NAIStv

To listen to some more Jana Mashonee On NAIStv, click here

Micco - Jana Mashonee Hoop Dancer On Stage With Jana Mashonee
And Stephan Galfas On Guitar- Photo By Darryl Cox

I have this feeling that Stephan Galfas, just by his name alone in the music industry; could set back and reap a huge amount of financial rewards by lending his name and talent to mega super stars who would no doubt love to have him but he sees something in Jana Mashonee that I understand because I see the same thing. It’s a combination of her words, her amazing voice and her message through her songs but it’s really much more than that. It’s almost a spiritual thing. The combination of Jana Mashonee and Stephan Galfas in the background is a winning combination that the whole world is just now starting to find out about. You’ll be hearing a lot more from the magic and I think you should become part of this amazing journey. You can do that right now without spending one cent by joining Jana Mashonee on her Facebook Page. Just go to:

Jana Mashonee On Facebook


Barbara Thomas With Stephan Galfas And With Jana Mashonee

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