Handmade Suede Kiowa Indian Shirt From Tribal And Western Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

Handmade Kiowa Indian Fringed Shirt From Tribal And Western Impressions
Designed So You Can Use It As A Pull Over Coat Or As A Shirt Itself!
Authentic Kiowa Indian Design And Completely Hand Crafted!
An Exclusive Through Tribal Impressions- " Works Of Art You'll Love To Wear With Indian Flair "
FREE GIFT! Your Choice Of A Jana Masonee Music CD For Wearing A World shirt from us!

What a work of handmade art you will love to wear! The Kiowa handmade indian shirt features a contrasting breast design with a laced V front, laced sides and extensive fringe on the front, back and down the sleeves. Handcrafted in rich suede cowhide. You can wear the Kiowa pull-over shirt over another shirt and use it like a pull over jacket or wear is by itself as a shirt itself.

Special Features And Amazing Detail Work Of The Indian Spirit Fringed Kiowa Shirt

• Genuine 100% Rich Soft Suede
• From The Indian Spirit Brand- Made For Tribal & Western Impressions -Insures Top Quality
• Designed And Handcrafted By Expert Craftsmen
• Authentic Type Kiowa Indian Design
• Two Tone Strips down front With Center Embellishment - All Hand Cut!
• Extensive Hand Crafted Bottom Fringe
• Extensive Breast Fringe V Design
• Attractive And Extensive Sleeve Fringe-all hand crafted
• Attractive V Cut Front With Lace Tie Enclosure- Looks Really Sharp!
• Attractive Side Cut Lacing That Hangs Down For That Special Indian Look.
• Three Colors To Pick From! Black Suede, Brown Suede Or Camel Suede.
• Completely Made, Cut And Sewn By Hand Insures Top Quality!
• Satin Lined
• Designed So It Can Be Worn Over Another Shirt Or Worn By Itself.
• Attractive! You'll Look Great!

Handcrafted Suede Fringed Indian Shirt- Kiowa Style- Tribal Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

Listen To What Internatonally Known Actor And TV Personality Jay Tavare
Has To Say About Tribal Impressions Products:
" I get a lot of folks asking me where they can find Native regalia and your page is
the first place I recommend. Keep up the great work!" - Jay Tavare -Actor
Click Here To Stop In At Jay Tavare's Web site!

Brown Suede Handcrafted Kiowa Fringed Indian Shirt From Tribal Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

Kiowa Native Shirt From Tribal Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

About Your Western Indian Shirt Creation: Tribal And Western Impressions is often called the designer Of Classy Western Wear with Indian Flair. These world class coats are a cut above the run-of-the mill Western and Native designer leather and suede clothing in the market place today. Aside from the stunning handcrafted designs, we only use top grade leathers and suede which is tanned using age old technologies to retain the naturally rich characteristics of the leathers. These top grains have been kept natural to enhance the soft, supply textures of the leathers. Tribal And Western Impressions products are made under strict quality control standards in which every stage of the handcrafted production is thoroughly inspected to ensure the product quality and durability.

Matching Minnetonka Knee-Hi Boot Moccasins From Tribal Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

Go All The Way With Matching Minnetonka Knee-Hi Fringed Boot Moccasins! You can go all the way and match your Kiowa Indian Shirt with a pair of world famous Minnetonka Knee-Hi Lace-Up Fringed Boots in either top grain soft brown suede or top grain soft black suede leathers. You will look good in these and they add a completeness to your Kiowa Indian Shirt! The Minnetonka Knee-Hi Boot Moccasin has a padded insole, thin crepe sole bottom, a knee-hi height of 16 inches and will last you a life-time! Perfect match is the only way to describe this add-on! With your Kiowa Indian Shirt and matching Minnetonka Knee-Hi Lace-Up Fringed Boot Moccasins, the only other thing you'll need to add is your favorite pair of jeans to get that complete Western, Frontier and Native look you love from Tribal Impressions!

Steston Buffalo Fur Hats From Tribal And Western Impressions- www.indianvillagemall.com

New! Stetson Buffalo Hat Collection - Made From Real Buffalo- Click Here To Review The Collection Now

Aside From matching boots for your world high grade designer shirt and keeping with the tradition of Tribal And Western Impressions, selling only world class high grade products at reasonable pricing, we are proud to present Stetson Buffalo Fur hats from the only name that matters in Western hat making which is Stetson. This line of Western hats is made from real buffalo fur and made in Texas the old fashioned way by Stetson, the people who have been making Western hats since 1865. Click here to review the new Buffalo Fur Stetson World Class Hat Collection and pick one that will match your world class J4 West Coat. Order a matching Stetson Buffalo Fur Hat at the same time you order your coat and deduct 10% off your hat purchase.

Water And Stain Repellent From Tribal Impressions- Protection On Your Investment In Fine Suede And Leather Clothing - www.indianvillagemall.com

FREE Protection And Extra Protection On Your Investment In Fine Suede And Leather Clothing! Before your work of art you wear leaves our store in Georgetown, we protect your investment by spraying it with Gard-More. Gard-More is a special spray that gives you a water resistant and oil stain resistant protection on your fine leather and suede. The protection usually lasts several months depending upon how often you wear your new stunning product! We suggest that you also obtain a can of Gard-More and spray it two or three times a year so your work of art you will love to wear is protected against oil based stains and water. This spray does not effect the tone, texture or color of your work you wear and it does not affect the breathability of the leather and suede. It's highly recommended and will help you maintain your fine leathers and suede in good condition and helps you maintain it for a lifetime!

FREE Jana Mashonee CD With Tribal Impressions Coat Order- www.indianvillagemall.com

FREE Jana Mashonee CD with Tribal And Western Impressions Creative Selections!The owners of Tribal Impressions, Ralph And Barbara Thomas have fallen in love with a rising Lumbee Native Singer named Jana Mashonee and believe that her voice is the best singer's voice walking on God's green earth today! As part of the owner's continuing love affair with Western Creations and design which stands for top quality in Western Wear today as well as Jana Mashonee music, they want you to experience the amazing voice and music of Jana so they are giving away your choice of a FREE Jana Mashonee CD with any purchase of a Designer Western coat or combo set. Ralph And Barbara Thomas want you to experience the Jana Mashonee music movement because they know you will obtain deep personal pleasure from doing so! We know you will agree, that the voice of Jana Mashonee is both amazing and her music will have deep personal meaning to you when you listen to it! So make your selection from the three different Jana Mashonee CDs and place it on the order form when you order online and your Jana Mashonee CD is our gift to you for wearing a product from the World Class Tribal And Western Impressions Collection.

Go ahead and make your day! Order your high grade handmade fringed shirt today. You will be happy you did it, we assure you. Once you have this coat and see, touch, feel and wear the quality; we know that you too will be convinced and understand that Tribal And Western Impressions is the name the American West and American Natives want .You too will understand that every time you wear it, it will make your day! And don't forget, to pick your Free Jana Mashonee CD with your order from the selection above as a Tribal And Western Impressions gift to you for wearing a one of our handcrafted creations. Just click Order Online Now below and in a short time, you too will be wearing one of the sharpest looking Western designs on the market today..

Comes in Black Suede, Brown Suede Or Camel Suede. Sizing: MD, L, XL, XXL.
In Stock Now! These sell out fast.

Handmade Kiowa Indian Fringed Shirt $195.00
Specify sizing and color when ordering. Sizing: MD, L, XL, And XXL
They come in Black Suede, Camel Suede And Brown Suede.
Please add $20.00 for extra material on sizing above large.

Protect Your Investment In Fine Suede And Leather
We give you FREE protection and spray your work of art before it leaves
our store. However, we recommend you buy some protection and spray your work of
art two or three times a year for continued protection!
Gard-More Oil Stain And Water Repellant In A 5.5 Oz. Can. $18.00

Go All The Way And Add On A Pair Of:
Minnetonka Knee-Hi Lace-Up Fringed Boot Moccasin $89.00

Specify Color : Brown Or Black Suede
Specify Men's Sizing: 6-13 (No half Sizes)

Please Note: We Can Not Process Orders Unless You Place
Your sizing You Are Ordering On The order Form



[Click Here To Order Online Now]

Other Ways To Order:
Order by phone @ 512-864-2081

Insured UPS ground shipping $15.00 within the Continental United States.
We Can Also Ship Insured UPS Second Day And Next Day Air. Additional
Shipping Charges Would Apply. Call The Store For Details.
Can also ship world-wide UPS insured air - extra shipping charges would apply.


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