Canvas Concealed Carry Cowboy Vest From Tribal And Western Impressions - Old West Cowboy And Indian Store -

Canvas Concealed Carry Cowboy Vest
Normal Retail Pricing $128.00 Your Cost Only

This is the perfect vest for pack'in heat! We start out with 11 Ounces of Cotton Canvas. There are two holsters for left or right handed shooters. Inside the pockets are extra straps to fit various pistol shapes & sizes. This vest also features two outside hand-warmer pockets. For that perfect fit, there is an elastic back that will stretch enough to give you almost a custom fit. With two outside chest pockets with snap closures, you have the storage you need. This rugged vest features reinforced stitching for long wear. The contrasting black collar gives you that sharp Western style you want! The Western Yoke on this vest gives you the Western cut you want! It also features a long lasting YKK Zipper front you can zip up in colder weather or leave it open when the sun gets up but with the pack'in heat pockets, you'll always be ready for high noon! You have three color choices of Black, Cinnamon, Tan. Sizes: S-3X

Special Features Of The Canvas Cowboy Concealed Carry Vest

• Made For Tribal And Western Impressions Insures You Top Quality!
• Genuine 100% Rugged Cotton Canvas
• Completely Hand Made By Expert Craftsman
• Two Concealed Carry inside Pockets With Special straps for various pistol sizes.
• Two outside hand warmer pockets.
• Back elastic pull for the perfect fit when you button the vest!
• Two outside chest pockets with snap closures.
• Special reinforced Stitching for long rugged wear
Western Cut Yoke
• Contrasting black Western collar
• YKK Zipper Front closure
• Three color choices

About Western Vests: In the American West men often dress and still dress in layers due to the high fluctuation in weather changes. It can sometimes be cold in the early morning and evening and hot during the day. There is a saying in Texas that goes like this : "If you don't like the weather- just wait an hour or so and it will change!" Men often need extra pockets when they take off their coat and the Western vest looks smart and has great function. The Western vest serves both a useful function and style function. Many Texans and those across the West never leave home without one. When setting in the saddle on a horse, the rider can not access his pants pockets so almost all riders adopt the Western vest so there are easily accessible pockets to keep possessions in. This Western Vest features two inside pockets for pack'in pistol heat with special straps to hold various sizes of pistols.

Close-Up Details In Action - Canvas Concealed Carry Cowboy Vest From Tribal And Western Impressions -

Go ahead and make your day! Procure the 11 ounce cotton canvas cowboy vest for pack'in heat! You'll love the new design and high grade rugged quality of this all new vest we assure you! Once you put one on, you too will understand why Tribal And Western Impressions is the famous source for Cowboy And Western gear often used by the movie, TV and entertainment, and Cowboy reenactment industry. Once you put this one on, you'll not want to leave home again without it!

Canvas Concealed Carry Cowboy Vest
Normal Retail Pricing $128.00 Your Cost Only $78.00

Choice Of Colors: Black, Cinnamon, Tan
Sizing: Sm, Md, Lg, XL, XXL, XXXL

Please Note: When Ordering Online, State Sizing And Color Choice
And Be Advised That We Can Not Process An Order Without That



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