Handmade Leather Hand Beaded Indian Extra Long War Shirt
Matching Handmade Fringed Suede Paints
Movie Production Quality And Highly Authentic Looking At A Fraction Of The Cost!

This is really a very fine piece of art work that you wear. It is high budget movie production quality and highly authentic looking. It's a completely handmade and hand beaded war shirt in light brown suede leather. Hand beaded and hand sewn. Trimmed in horse hair and rabbit fur with indian beading on tassels. Yellow leather braided trimmings. Unisex Indian shirt looks great on both guys and gals. You'll love it! Ruff cut Fringed on bottom for that authentic look. Could be worn without pants. Allow four to six week for delivery as these shirts are made to order. Sizes SM to XXXL.


CA 024 Handmade American Indian War Shirt
Warrior longshirt hand made from Suede,beads,horse tail,Rabbit fur.
Sizes in L, XL, and XXL

CA 024 American Indian War Shirt $249.00
Matching Suede Fringed Pants $249.00

Also Pictured:
Handmade Four Strand Bone Choker With Turquoise And Jet Beads $29.95
Huge Hand Carved Extra Large Turquoise Eagle Necklace $295.00



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Western Indian Pants

CA 012A Handmade Leather Indian Pants

Hand made Leather Trousers in Suede. Fringed sides and front. Embellished with bones and Bead trim. Hand made and made to order. Just send waist and length measurements. Allow 4/6 weeks to make from time of order. $295.00

How To Order:

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Other Ways To Order:
Order by phone @ 512-864-2081 Order by fax @ 512-719-3594

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